Our Story

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About Us.

Rooted In started as a solution to our own problem as we couldn’t find natural ways to help our family with pain, stress and sleeplessness. Despite living a healthy lifestyle: eating organic foods, exercising and using healthy products; our family was still dealing with health issues. I struggled with insomnia, my husband was living with chronic pain and our two boys were little balls of stress and anxiety. I knew we needed help but all the options we found on the market were loaded with toxic ingredients and had nasty side effects. We wanted products that work without all the junk. That’s why we created Rooted In’s incredibly powerful formulas.

Founded by a mover and shaker in the wellness industry, Natalie Jurado has been providing natural remedies to her local community for 5 years. She’s the former owner of Nu Natural, a natural health and wellness boutique. Locals from all walks of life, were surprised by her products’ effectiveness and could not get enough of her easy-to-use remedies. She saw how people’s lives were dramatically improved when they used her products and she knew she could make a bigger impact if she took her products online.


Founder, Rooted In