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Our Ingredients



Super Powerful Ingredients

Our ingredients work for you, not against you.


magnesium, magnesium for cramps, magnesium chloride, magnesium therapy, topical, transdermal


Makes tension relax.

essential oils, lavender, therapeutic grade, pure, plant therapy

Essential Oils

Pure, unadulterated plant power

herbs, herbal, therapy, herbalist, ashwaganda, chamomile


Used to maintain & restore wellness

wellness, herbal remedy, holistic, plant based, pain, stress, sleep, insomnia

Butters & Oils

Soothes and hydrates skin

Why choose natural?

root cause, naturopathy, alternative medicine, wellness, holistic, organic

We know that toxins like parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and other yuckies can build up in your body, potentially causing serious health problems over time (different cancers, brain damage, infertility, etc).

So we said, ‘no way.’

Ingredients proven for success

healthy, family health, mother, mom, healthy children, wellness, ashwaganda, magnesium

Your health is complex. And to solve a complex problem you need to attack it with all you’ve got. That’s why our formula is packed with thoroughly researched ingredients that are known for their ability to impact your body in an incredible way.

Purposeful ingredients in one powerful cream

pain cream, pain relief, muscle cramping, tension, relief cream, menstrual cramps, back pain

You could buy each powerhouse ingredient individually and spend hundreds of dollars (and a bunch of time swallowing countless pills).  But we thought using one cream sounded a lot easier.  So we created an all-in-one formula that packs a big punch.