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Solutions for Sleep

 Tired of tossing and turning, lying wide awake at night?  

You deserve deep, peaceful and restful sleep!

Say goodbye to sleeplessness, racing thoughts, and twitchy muscles without harmful drugs or medications.

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The Problem

  • No more difficulty falling asleep at night
  •  No more daytime tiredness or sleepiness 
  • No more waking up during the night or waking up too early
  • No more difficulty paying attention, focusing on tasks or remembering  

Our Solution

  • Replenish lost magnesium to your body
  • Encourage relaxation and sleepiness
  • Calm the mind and alleviate anxious feelings
  • Support serene sleep 
  • And deliver intense nourishment to the skin

Rest Cream does all this and more! And it does so with only non-toxic, 100% naturally derived, plant based ingredients.

The fast-acting formula can be used whenever you're struggling to fall or stay asleep giving you fast relief right when you need it most.

Add Rest to your life!

Get Yours Now!

The FAST & EASY Way To Get The Sleep of Your Dreams!

You could buy each powerhouse ingredient individually and spend hundreds of dollars (and a bunch of time swallowing countless pills).  But we thought using one cream sounded a lot easier.  So we created an all-in-one formula that packs a big punch.  

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Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium is known for its incredible ability to promote relaxation & relieve nervous tension.

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Adaptogenic herbs

Ancient medicinal herbs, including Chamomile, Lavender and Passion Flower help induce sleepiness, calm the mind, encourage rest and provide peaceful feelings.

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Potent aromatherapy

Made with relaxing Lavender, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang and Roman Chamomile essential oils that help promote relaxation, calm anxious feelings and induce serene sleep.

Limited quantities available - get yours Now!