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Why Your Doctor is Wrong About Magnesium

The number one question I  get asked is "How do I know I need more magnesium?". Well, that's a great question! If you're dealing with cramping, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, depression....all of those symptoms can be linked back to low magnesium. 

That's followed right up by "But I just had blood work done, and my blood work shows that my magnesium levels are fine. My doc says I don't need magnesium."

There's one really important thing that I want you to consider: If your body is telling you that you need more magnesium, if you're having these crazy symptoms of low magnesium, then who do you believe more? Do you believe your body? Or do you believe a doctor who doesn't know how exactly how you feel?

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Here's another vital fact to consider: blood tests (magnesium serum tests) aren't as accurate as we've been led to believe. Only 20% of your magnesium is stored in your blood. And the other 80% is stored in your cells, your tissues, your organs, your muscles, your bones. So if your doctor orders a blood test, then you're not getting an accurate reading of what's really going on in your body. Furthermore, magnesium serum tests only test about 1% of the available magnesium in your body. 

And this is something really, really important to think about, when the magnesium that is stored in your blood drops, then your body takes magnesium from your muscles, bones and tissue and brings it into your blood to replenish it. 

Well, wait a second, your heart is a muscle. And that muscle requires magnesium to work. So what happens when your heart doesn't have magnesium to work? Well, heart attacks happen. Your heart actually uses magnesium to relax and it uses calcium to tighten. It's an intricate balance of magnesium and calcium that causes your heart to beat. When your heart doesn't have enough magnesium, then it just tightens up. And that's what happens in a heart attack. That's why one of the first things you're given when you have a heart attack is magnesium. 

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So if blood tests are not as accurate as we are led to believe, what can you do? One of the cheapest things you could possibly do is just to add magnesium into your life and see if those symptoms go away.

You might be concerned and think "What happens if I take too much magnesium?". Your body has a really incredible failsafe method. If you take too much magnesium, you excrete it through your bowels. If you've ever heard of people complaining that magnesium upsets their stomach or it gives them diarrhea, they're taking too much at one time. So when people tell me they start taking oral magnesium, and this happens, I always recommend that they split up their doses several times throughout the day. That way, you're not getting that laxative effect, you're not getting too much magnesium all at one time.

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The other way that you can get magnesium in your system and avoid the digestive upset that so many people deal with, is to use it on your skin. The benefit of using it on your skin is it bypasses the digestive tract, so you don't have to worry about the stomach upset that so many people get.  It also works significantly faster to raise your magnesium levels than taking an oral supplement.  This really amazing study showed that people raise their magnesium levels within 12 weeks by using it through the skin as opposed to taking an oral supplement, which took them 9 to 24 months. That's a significant difference! It's so much gentler on the body and goes right into your cells where it needs to be.

Thankfully, our therapeutic creams are infused with a concentrated amount of magnesium which is a gentle and effective way to get more magnesium into you body.

Have you tried magnesium on your skin? What were your results? Let me know in the comments????????????????????????




Enjoy the full benefits of rejuvenating magnesium without messy powders or expensive pills.  Our premium herbal infused creams deliver powerful minerals with soothing, hydrating ingredients.

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