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Choose from our 3 incredible formulas
Relief Cream
pain cream, pain relief, muscle cramping, tension, relief cream, menstrual cramps, back pain
  • Helps loosen tight muscles
  • Eases tension & soreness
  • Soothes muscle spasms
  • Made with Magnesium & Arnica
  • Ideal for use with massage
Tranquility Cream
stress relief, tranquility, magnesium, anxiety, anxiety relief, overwhelming, frustration, natural remedy, therapeutic cream

  • Calms the mind
  • Alleviates anxious feelings
  • Supports calm & peaceful feelings
  • Made with Magnesium & Ashwaganda
  • Ideal for use during stress
Rest Cream
Rest, magnesium cream, sleep cream, sleep remedy, herbal remedy, insomnia relief, help sleeping, how do i fall asleep

  • Calms racing thoughts
  • Promotes serene sleep
  • Eases twitchy legs
  • Made with Magnesium and Chamomile
  • Ideal for use during bedtime

Powerful Creams, Incredible Results

Our herbal infused, magnesium-rich creams help comfort your body and your mind.
Rooted In Relief

Who has time for soreness & discomfort?  Me neither.  Tackle tense, cramping muscles almost instantly with a quick swipe of  our herbal infused, magnesium-rich formula.  Your body will thank you.

Rooted In Tranquility

Stress and anxiety can set you off at any time and totally wreck your day.  Not anymore. Get instant chill with our calming Tranquility cream.  Go ahead, get your zen on.

pain cream, pain relief, muscle cramping, tension, relief cream, menstrual cramps, back pain
Rooted In Rest

Tossing  and turning? Mind’s racing and your muscles are all twitchy?  Who can relax like that!?!  Get the sleep of your dreams with our rest-inducing formula.  Infused with calming essential oils to help you sleep peacefully.

peace, happiness, wellness, alternative medicine, naturopath, pain management, stress management, help with sleep

Health without Compromise

Rooted In started because we couldn’t find natural ways to help our family with pain, stress and sleeplessness.  All of the over-the-counter products were made with harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients. 

Whether you’re dealing with chronic muscle tension or struggling to sleep at night, you deserve to be healthy and happy without compromising your wellness goals.

We make it easy to be Healthy

A few things that make our creams so awesome.
earth friendly, recyclable, green, green packaging, vegan
Targeted Therapy

Unlike pills, our fast-acting formulas provide you relief where you need it the most.

stress relief essential oils, stress, meditation, journaling, anxiety, encouragement, motivation
Healthy Support

Supports the body's natural ability to heal itself instead of merely masking symptoms.

Natural, organic, pain relief, stress relief, pain relief essential oils, icy hot, bengay, biofreeze
Plesant Scent

Made with pure & natural essential oils that not only work hard, but also smell great.

Vegan, plant based, holistic, exhaustion, sleepy, insomnia, restful sleep, essential oils
100% Natural

No harmful or toxic ingredients ever. Made with plant-based happiness.

Here's How We Can Help!

We'll keep you Rooted In your wellness journey.

Relief for Your Sore Muscles

Get back to running, jumping and playing with your kids again.  Targeted tension relief so you can return to what matters most in life.  

Relief Cream can help.

healthy, family health, mother, mom, healthy children, wellness, ashwaganda, magnesium

Too tired to Function?

Need an unlimited amount of energy to keep up with your busy life?  You need a restorative night’s sleep so you can wake up and conquer your day.

Rest Cream can help.

root cause, naturopathy, alternative medicine, wellness, holistic, organic

So stressed you can't think straight?

You wear so many hats: from car pooling, to working, to making a fabulous dinner for the family.  You deserve a bit of peace from your hectic schedule.  There’s an easy way to stay calm in the middle of the storm.

Tranquility Cream can help.

Rest, magnesium cream, sleep cream, sleep remedy, herbal remedy, insomnia relief, help sleeping, how do i fall asleep

Cheers to you health

Life can be overwhelming, stressful and crazy.  Thankfully, Rooted In is here to help.  We know you want the best for your family which is why we created totally natural ways to support your health.  

Rooted In can help.

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